My name is Colleen Harrington. I have 18 year old twins, a background in education, speak Spanish fluently, and share a home with the love of my life. I would be honored to photograph your story.

Three Generations

As a ten-year-old, I was taking pictures with my aunt on weekends and day trips. From her backyard to Devil’s Lake State Park, she loaded her Pentax 35mm with film and passed it to me to do as I pleased for the day. I loved capturing images of flowers and insects, ice on the trees in January, the texture of leaves, and most of all, the expressions and features that described my family as I knew them.

I spent four years at UW-Milwaukee as a Fine Art student with an emphasis in photography. Today, I realize that my art background has taught me to translate my perspective on my environment into a photograph that can be viewed by generations to come.

My aunt shared that same passion as a young girl for capturing images on film. As an elementary student in the 50’s, she captured images of the priests and nuns at St. Bernard’s Catholic School in Madison. She recalls the anticipation of waiting to pick up her prints from Rennebohm Drug Store on the corner of Atwood and Fair Oaks avenues.

It turns out I am one of three generations of Harrington photography enthusiasts! The grandfather that I never had the chance to know, Clarence “Clink” Harrington, shared the joy of photography with his daughter. He even had a darkroom in the fruit cellar!

Like my grandfather and aunt, I learned that I could use photography to highlight the authentic spirit of people and places familiar and unfamiliar. I found that my camera could be an invitation to new environments and a vehicle for discovery. My intention is to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the image which reflects my own understanding of the subject.

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